Hi! It's me, Lisa!

Hi friends- It's me! And I'm sharing my very first blog post.. I’m a little weary about it, but hey, let's see how it goes! Some of you are new followers, and some have been followers for years now, so I thought it would be nice to introduce or re-introduce myself to you all!
First of all, thank you for your support, in all the ways. Seriously.. it means the world to me. Whether it be purchasing a piece of my jewelry, showing love at one of our markets, or simply sending a message on social media or email, I’ve appreciated all of it. You are the reason I love doing what I do, and I continue to draw inspiration and energy from your kindness and support. 
My name is Lisa, and Rise Jewelry is my pride and joy. I’m originally from New York- no not NYC, but just about an hour north in Westchester County, from a little town called North Salem. I attended college in Buffalo NY where I studied psychology and competitively swam freestyle and backstroke for a very small D1 Jesuit college, Canisius College. From there, I went to graduate school in Chicago to get my masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I jumped straight into a career working in executive recruitment and leader development for a company called Korn/Ferry. I loved living in Chicago, and still do love that city, however at the time, I distinctly remember feeling unfulfilled- like I was going with the motions of what I was ‘supposed to do’, and felt really overwhelmed and uncertain. My younger sister, Katie (who also happens to be my best friend), was living on Oahu at the time, and was a place that was a second home to her growing up. She attended college out there and I had always enjoyed visiting and spending time with her out in Hawai’i. And so one day, I just made the scary yet thrilling decision to go out to Hawaii to live with her. Looking back, I now know this was truly a defining moment in my life – a decision that completely changed the course of my future. When I decided to move, I vividly remember telling my best friend, Catherine, that I would be back in 1 year- that this ‘Hawai’i itch’ of mine was just to get away from the craziness and hustle lifestyle for a bit. Well… a year turned into two, which turned into 4, and now going on over 7.
Hawai’i feels like home for me now, and I’ve embraced so much of the island’s culture, beauty, people, and local businesses. What I fell in love with most was how the island made me slow down. For me, Hawai’i brings perspective, balance, and gives me a sort of spiritual connection to what truly matters in life. Who would have thought a place could bring someone so much clarity, peace, and happiness. I feel at home, and have fallen in love with everything about this place. Not to mention I am an avid scuba diver, so Hawai’i was literally the perfect playground for me! This passion for scuba diving is what ultimately lead me to Rise Jewelry.
For those who started following in the beginning back in 2014, you may remember that Rise used to be an account that only sold Sunrise Shells (and sometimes other types of shells) to jewelers and collectors. It really was a way for me to share some of my favorite sunnies found on scuba diving adventures, which quickly turned into a full blown sunrise shell selling wholesale platform. After about a year of selling sunrise shells, my creative itch got the best of me, and I decided to dabble in jewelry making. I was consumed in YouTube videos, online classes, and local communities who taught and shared their knowledge with me. I started with creating necklaces and jewelry pieces using all forms of the art. From there, I discovered the art of electroforming. Forming real metal such as gold to non-metallic items (like shells)! I quickly realized this method of jewelry making was one that I personally loved, as it showcased the shell’s true beauty with the elegance of the ‘dipped’ look with 24k gold and sterling silver. With every piece, there’s a story- A story of how and where the shell or sea glass, etc. originated, the creature that once lived inside of it, how it became unoccupied, where it was found, what it has gone through to turn it into a jewelry piece that you now wear. Each shell and ocean element has been hand selected to turn it into a one of a kind fine piece. There’s honestly no better feeling for me than being underwater. It’s one of my favorite parts of this job. My other favorite part is hearing how much you love your jewelry, or seeing it on someone’s neck, wrist, finger, or ears. YOU and your support for my business are my inspiration for this business. I thank you for allowing me to do what I love everyday. Thanks for letting me share a bit about me and Rise. I’d love to hear from you and learn your personal stories – just drop me a line anytime on Instagram or email lisa@risejewelry.com. Now, off to the ocean to find some more beauties for you all!