Welcome to My New Work Office!

Happy New Year everyone! I don’t know about you all, but 2022 does not roll off the tongue easily. Part of me feels like the last two years since the start of the pandemic has gone by so quickly, yet so slowly all at once, it feels like a blur. A lot has happened in just the last year. Nathan and I moved into a new place in Kapolei, (although we do miss Makaha living.. a lot!) One of the first projects I enlisted the help of Nathan and my future father in law was to help me with my home office. I needed a place to make jewelry, fulfill orders, work quietly during the day, and take work meetings from. My biggest request was that this office/studio was a place that I felt excited to go into. I wanted bright light, local décor, and was fixated on installing wallpaper. I decided on this Mistana chandelier from Wayfair, and curtains & curtain rods from Ikea (also, can we start a campaign to get Ikea on the island please?!) I added some white organizers from Amazon, and a large Husky work bench from Home Depot. 

Now can we take a minute to talk about this WALLPAPER?! Yes, wallpaper is totally in again, and I’m here for it! I went back and forth on the type of wallpaper I wanted, and researched TONS of companies. After much research, I landed on a beach mural wallpaper. The company I went with was The Goodies Wallpaper Company. If you take one step onto their Etsy shop, you’ll understand why I went with these guys. Their wallpaper collection is STUNNING! They are a small business out of Poland of all places, and Dominika, the owner, was so pleasant to work with; she made sure my wall measurements were accurate, worked with me to find the right size of wallpaper, and was communicative the entire time! I ultimately ended up going with their black and white beach mural, called the “Summer Breeze” wallpaper.

Immediately after installing this beauty, I was in love. I love the simplicity of colors in the room, and the black and white wallpaper gave it just the right amount of fun that I was looking for in the office. I wanted to feel a sense of serenity and calm by stepping into a beach scene any time I am working on jewelry, and The Goodies Wallpaper helped me achieve exactly that. I am excited to share that I’ve partnered with the company to offer you all a discount code to use for your next purchase on their Etsy site through the end of January:

>> CUTEST Wallpaper Promo Code: Use code “HAWAII10” at checkout in The Goodies Wallpaper shop <<

Now let’s talk about the three tiered artwork I have next to the window. Again, I leaned towards a more minimal style, with frames from Target, and prints from Pomelo Design Co. & Aloha De Mele. Two brilliantly talented local artists, Kristine and JT, whom I am honored to call my dear friends. Their pieces were the perfect pop of color for the office, and tied in really well with the rest of the room’s color scheme.

On the largest naked wall in the room, I decided I wanted to pay homage to some of my favorite places to scuba dive. I found a vintage collection of worldly locations on Etsy and decided to frame the ‘article-style’ prints. The locations that made the cut? Indonesia, Japan, Fiji, and of course, Hawai’i. All four of these locations have provided me with some of the greatest scuba diving experiences and memories. These give me energy and excitement to get into the water here on Oahu, but also inspires me to plan and dream of my next scuba adventure!

What I loved about these prints were that they were also black and white, similar to the wallpaper. I thought I’d keep the room really simple. (because in all honesty, there’s way too much going on on top of my work desk normally, that simple décor is for the best- let’s just say this office stayed tidy for all of 2 hours for this shoot, and then went back to its natural state of 'calculated chaos'). I hope you draw some inspiration from this work office renovation! Wild what a little wallpaper, flooring, and artwork can do to a space huh!?

Remember to use your promo code for The Goodies Wallpaper now through end of January 2022! Use code "HAWAII10" at checkout on their Etsy shop!